Spectra Hexa Namsai Company Limited is a Joint Venture Private Company Ltd. established in 2009 by Bangladesh’s leading animal feed producer organization Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited and Thailand’s renowned Fish Fry producer Namsai Farms Limited. Spectra Hexa Nam Sai started its journey with the aim of becoming the ‘Farmer’s choice’ in Tilapia Fish fry space and to be a major driver in country’s tilapia revolution. We are proud to achieve both by becoming the go to brand for fish farmers across the country through supplying more than 80 crore + tilapia fry till date.

“Namsai Tilapia Fry” is a farmer’s choice brand in the Aquaculture Sector of Bangladesh. Providing quality Fish Fry supply is our Motto. We have established two state of the art fry hatching units in two parts of the country. Our first hatchery was established in 2009 in Porabari, Trishal and the second hatchery unit has been established in Nitanandapur, Bagharpara, Jashore in 2019. In these two hatchery units Spectra Hexa Namsai produces Tilapia and Pangus fry. Every year we deliver around 12 crore fish fry to the aqua farmers around the country.

Tilapia Fry quality is the major key factor for successful Tilapia Framing. Our partner Namsai Farms is a world leader among Tilapia Breeder Farms. Spectra Hexa Namsai leverages on the strength of Namsai’s expertise and from the very beginning, we ensure the best quality, disease-resistant Monosex Tilapia Fry to the fish farmers of Bangladesh. To maintain highest possible quality and output, we replace our brood line in every two years interval. We have established advanced research & development farms in our Jashore Hatchery site through which we monitor and enhance our fry performance. Our hatcheries are managed by veterans of the aquaculture field including expert foreign specialists.

Currently Spectra Hexa Namsai is solely producing and supplying the 18th Generation Mag Nin Strains of Tilapia Fry in Bangladesh. From 2021 we have started supplying Thai Pangus fry to the farmers. We are also researching to produce Koi and other fry in near future.